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About Us

What is our Vision

To enable everyday folks like you and me to connect and Unite for Causes that we really care for, especially on topics that don't seem to get any leverage on other Platforms and media. 

Examples would be: Unfair Family Laws, Healthcare Rip-Off, and many more. 

We thought, why not spread awareness about these using the power of internet and social media?

That brings us to our Mission

To inspire humanity to Unite for a Cause they care for, while enjoying "The Good Life".

As part of that we have started a Community Platform for like minded people to connect, collaborate and utilize the power of the Community to spread public awareness about these Causes and mobilize public support to affect public and Policy changes for the better.

Check it out here Intersky Network Community

We realize that one way to create awareness and spread the message is using T-Shirts and Merchandise and hence this Store:

We are based out of the windy city of Chicago, IL and we are partnering with various manufacturers and distributors to make the best products available to you at bargain prices.

The InterSky Inc. Team

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